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In Chile a Threatening Note To Pope Francis By Extremists


Pope Francis’ tour to Chile is due on 15 to 18 January. The culprits placed firebombs in three Catholic churches. In one church there was a threatening note direct communicating to the Pope. It was claiming that the next bomb will be” in your cassock”.

The message on the threatening note was written in Spanish language. There is a clue in the written note according to the authorities that shows grammatical gender done generally by radical groups. They have replaced words with letter ‘x’ which words represent grammatical genders.
Michelle Bachelet president of Chile is sad about the critical situation and earlier she refused to accuse any particular group for this activity.

In Chile a Threatening Note To Pope Francis By Extremists

The menace note English translation says: “We will never submit to the dominion you want to exercise over our bodies, our ideas and actions, because we were born free to chose the path we want to take against every monk and nun and against every preacher. Bodies free, impure and wild.”

The left over note also says that “Christianity: accomplice of the repression of the Mapuche people.”

Locals say that Mapuche group is responsible for these attacks. The Mapuche are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile. In the past three years they burnt to ashes 27 churches.

An extremist group Weichan Auka Mapu claimed the responsibility. Moreover they demanded the Mapuche people release from prison and wanted their land back which was captured by Chilean government in nineteenth century.

Presently, Mapuches are converted Christians which make the 5% of Chilean population but still treated as invaders.

Juan Mella local pastors council head said that Mapuches such activities are reflection of their impatience. Moreover, Christian pastors share their faith with all, they don’t compel other to be Christian.

The churches they explode were a shelter for natural disaster victims, a place of providing education and a gathering site for prayer meeting.

An ethnic Mapuche Abelino Apeleo, an Anglican bishop in Araucaní criticized Mapuche attitude saying that a Mapuche radical group is violent and wrongly blaming churches for their problems.
Another media report tells that police bomb diffuse squadron diffused an explosive device in another church in Chile.

After the incident four people are arrested with suspicion for being linked with Weichan Auca Mapu.

According to Luis Torres the prosecution in charge that warning note to Pope was not only a threat it was a demand of attackers.

An eye witness Torres said that this attack on the church was not casual. First the culprits tortured children and threw them out of the church. Then they shot at them to make them go away from there. Later they burnt the church.

Most Chilean pastors are optimist that soon the matter will be resolved.