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In pursuit of safe haven: Indian PM urged to provide refuge to persecuted Christians in Pakistan


Indian PM Modi

Modi government urged to house Pakistani Christians being increasingly persecuted in their motherland.

According to Times of India, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has earnestly urged India to accommodate Pakistani Christians who are being ever more persecuted in Pakistan while providing them shelter in India. This appeal surfaces amidst ongoing sourness in the relations between India and Pakistan which sparked cancellation of national security advisor level talks.

Wilson Chaudhary – Chairman of BPCA, penned a letter and sent it to the Indian Premier Narendra Modi. In his letter, Wilson Chaudhary urged PM Modi to open India’s borders for browbeaten Pakistani Christians who are more and more putting their lives at risk while fleeing Pakistan looking for refuge elsewhere but are facing horrid circumstance instead mainly in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka etc.

“I realize that your nation naturally has many grave security concerns about Pakistan, but I would like to draw your attention to the desperate and worsening plight of Pakistani Christians, who alongside Hindus in Pakistan are so terribly and badly treated,” he wrote.

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“Presently, the Christians were forced to flee the nation by air or sea route to Western or Asian nations including Sri Lanka and Thailand where they were also treated badly.I urge you to welcome oppressed Hindus and Christians from Pakistan to in your country and give them refuge in your country,” writes BPCA Chairman to Indian Prime minister.

While talking to the Times of India, Wilson Chaudhary said, “The present situation in Pakistan with regards to persecution of minority communities especially Christians and Hindus can create another major refugee crisis in this part of world also.

“There is a tiny border with China, a nation with a completely foreign culture for Pakistanis, and then there are lengthy borders with Muslim fundamentalist countries like Iran and Afghanistan, which are even worse in their treatment to religious minorities, however India share history, culture and language to a considerable degree which means the migrants can easily integrate into Indian society and can also contribute to the Indian economy.”

He said Christians along with Hindus in Pakistan have almost no real chances of escaping persecution.Seeing that India had previously harboured thousands of Hindu’s and Sikh’s who had fled from Pakistan for a secure future, he cited India as a better option for Pakistani Christians also.