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In the face of genocide only 28 Christian refugees admitted into the US


An extraordinarily low number of Christian refugees have been admitted by the United States in the face of excruciating genocidal campaign by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The American Centre for Law and Justice has pointed fingers at an palpable low ratio of Christian refugees’ intake by the US.

Iraqi refugees admitted in the US

In keeping with facts, United States processed 11,086 Muslims from Iraq since the beginning of 2015, in contrast only 433 Christians have been admitted into the US. 5,435 Muslims Syrians have been welcomed and while only 28 Christian refugees were allowed entry into the US.

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“In an attempt to justify this astounding discrepancy, the Obama administration and congressional Democratic leadership continue to maintain that the U.S. should not consider a refugee’s religion in deciding whether to grant refugee status,” the ACLJ said.

“So, we know that ISIS targets Christians in Iraq and Syria because they are Christians. Christians are being slaughtered, tortured, raped and displaced because they are Christian. We also know that under U.S. and international refugee law, religion is a criterion for granting refugee status,” the ACLJ said adding that there is an inevitable need for determined action to safeguard the religious minorities, or else they will be wiped out at the hands of ISIS.

The American Center for Law and Justice further condemned the genocide of minorities at the hands of Islamic State. In May, the United States recognized that a systematic genocide of Christians is being taking place. Moreover, United Nations also acknowledged the genocide, which should be followed by due action.