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In the loving memory of Novin Theodore Fazal Elahi


Azam Mairaj- literature prodigy has managed to uncover another Christian martyr whose name got buried in dirt with time. Pakistan Air Force’s Cadet Novin Theodore Fazal Elahi – unquestionably first Christian martyr of PAF lies under tones of dust in Rawalpindi’s cemetery.

Defence Day of Pakistan

Cadet Noveen was son of Fazal Elahi a great Christian leader who had been instrumental in the Pakistan movement. Cadet Noveen was born on November 8, in 1925. He embraced martyrdom on January 6, 1949. However, not much has been known about him.

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Azam Mairaj in his book Shanakht Nama- the Identity reveals that this young man died in a plane crash. It is believed that Cadet Noveen’s plane crashed few days before his passing out. Although unclear, it is believed that Cadet Noveen was from either first or second GDP course.

As Defence Day approaches, Azam Mairaj urges Christians nestled in twin cities to pay visit at the grave of Cadet Noveen Theodore Fazal Elahi. Cadet Noveen’s grave lies in Rawalpindi’s Christian cemetery in Committee Chowk. Azam Mairaj urges his readers to find family or friends of martyr Noveen in order to bring out his story to the world.