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In The Memory Of A Great Pakistani Politician


An eminent Pakistani Christian political and Former Minister of Minorities in the National Assembly Peter John Sahotra passed away earlier this month in Liverpool, UK.


Christians in Pakistan
Christians in Pakistan

Peter John Sahotra strived for the country along with the issues of Christians in Pakistan; one of the major being under calculation the Christian population in Pakistan. He aimed to get the Christians in Pakistan recognized as an entity, able to affect the future of Pakistan.  Putting his views in words he once stated, “We believe our numbers are much higher than the previous census. If our figures are correct, we shall be able to play a more important role in the future of our country.” As a Christian leader he always enjoyed strong support from the Catholic Church of Pakistan Diocese of Faisalabad.


Commemorating the great Christian leader, Mr. Khalid Gill, Chief Organizer of APMA, (All Pakistan Minorities Alliance) writes:


 Peter John Sohtra Advocate son of Ch. Sohan was born in Christian Town (Gujar Basti) in Lyallpur city of Punjab province. He shifted in 1990 in SAHOTRA HOUSE Warispura, Daud Nagar (Warispura) Faisalabad. He was elected Councilor Municipal Corporation Lyallpur in 1983, under Separate Electorate system. Late peter john Sohtra rise up to be a State Minister of Minorities Affair in Government of Pakistan during Nawaz Sharif government in 1990, when he won election of Member of National Assembly. Before it he was Parliamentary Secretary of Social Welfare in Punjab government and elected member of National Assembly in 1997, but during Musharraf Regime he took refuge in UK. His son Joel Amir Sohtra was also elected as Member District Assembly Faisalabad and Nominated MPA in 2002 -2008 and 2008 -13 in the current electoral system in Pakistan. He also became Coordinator Minority Advisory Council, Govt, of Punjab and Parliamentary Secretary Minority Affairs Punjab


Peter John Sahotra died in UK and was buried in city of Faisalabad-Pakistan, his funeral services were attended by hundreds of mourners.


Peter John Sahotra ;leaving a legacy of striving for Christians n Pakistan to his son, Joel Aamir Sahotra. Joel was a member of the Punjab Assembly from 2002 till 2007. He served as Councillor, Municipal Corporation Faisalabad during 1998; as Member Zila Council Faisalabad during 2001-02; and has been elected as Member Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in General Elections 2002 against one of the seats reserved for non-muslim minorities.


Seeing his service to the country he deserves the homage due, as the Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said, “You may belong to any religion or caste or creed- that has nothing to do with the business of the state.” The reality remains that, Peter John Sahotra was a great politician of Pakistan irrespective of his community he had a strong sense of patriotism and desired to strive for the development of Pakistan.