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In Vietnam Historic Church Destroyed by Fire


Catholics in a northern diocese of Vietnam were stunned to see a fire devastating of one of the most oldest churches in the nation. In the early hours of Aug. 6, firefighters neglected to put out the fire, which crushed the wooden inside and the tiled top of the Trung Lao Church, leaving only the walls intact. Nbody was harmed.

In Vietnam Historic church destroyed by fire

The church, assigned as Mary Mother of God in Bui Chu Diocese, is based at Trung Dong Commune in Nam Dinh Province. Dominican Sister Doan Thi Chuyen said local Catholics discoverd the fire, which started in the sanctuary, at around 11 pm on Aug. 5. The fire rapidly cleared through the entire church. Sister Chuyen said four fire motors from the area just went to the scene after the congregation had been ablaze for a few hours. The cloister adherent said neighborhood individuals were extremely miserable about the misfortune.

The 800-square-meter church, finished in the late 1890s, has Gothic, Spanish and Vietnamese engineering impacts. Its dividers and wooden rooftop were cut with botanical examples.

Father Joseph Nguyen Van Toanh, head of Bui Chu Diocese’s Communications Committee, said the old church was valuable. He said an electrical short out was a possible reason for the burst. Neighborhood Catholics expected to reassure each other at a troublesome time, he included.

Sister Chuyen said the ward is viewed as the support of Catholicism in northern Vietnam. Most old places of worship have insides, including sacred places, made of wood, so they are exceptionally combustible. She cautioned that different places of worship would be powerless on the off chance that they didn’t have sufficient firefighting gear and fire aversion measures.