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“Inconsistent Evidence” Yet Asia Bibi Convicted Of Blasphemy


LAHORE: Asia Bibi convicted of blasphemy despite the fact of incompatible evidence. 

Asia Noreen Bibi
Asia Noreen Bibi

In accordance with the details, Asia Bibi’s convicted for blasphemy yet the evidence provided was contradictory. Seeing the doubtful inconsistency in the case the court may annul the death sentence awarded to her previously if otherwise not acquitted from the charges.

Asia Bibi was predominantly supported by Salmaan Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti both of them assassinated for the reason of advocating her cause. She has been withering in jail since June 2009 after her allegedly blasphemous utterances came after a quarrel with some Muslim co-workers who had refused to drink water from the same glass as her owing to the fact that she was a Christian.


Previously Nankana Sahib additional district and session’s judge had ruled her to capital punishment on 8th of November, 2010; thus convicting her of uttering blasphemous remarks and fined 100,000 Rupees. Nonetheless, the case history reveals a contradictory story of prosecution’s progression, counting an extrajudicial confession of blasphemy, inconsistent testimonies of witnesses, and technical errors on the part of the police. Notwithstanding the fact, that her prosecution witnesses admit that her confession came amid death threats to her life.


Her defence counsel SK Chaudhry, on the other hand said that,” the trial judge had based his guilty verdict on her alleged confession at a local assembly at the village near Nankana Sahib where she lived.”


As recorded, one of the prosecution witness Muhammad Idrees stated that” Asia Bibi was frightened of the crowd.” Muhammad Salam, the complainant in the case, said that,” the public meeting took place in the house of one Muhammad Mukhtar and Asia Bibi was brought there by villagers on two motorcycles and there were 100 people present.”


In contradiction yet another prosecution witnesst Mafia Bibi said,” the meeting took place at her father Abdul Sattar’s house and was attended by a thousand people.”


Asma Bibi, Mafia’s sister had yet a different version to state, she said,” the meeting took place at the house of one Rana Razzaq and was attended by 2,000 people. She said Asia was brought to the venue on foot.”

Muhammad Afzal, another prosecution witness, bore witness that,” Mushtaq Ahmed, a prayer leader, had brought Asia Bibi to the public gathering.”


SK Chaudhry, Asia Bibi’s counsel, contends that,” taking into account several inconsistencies in the witness statements, it had not been established that such a public gathering even took place” where Asia Bibi has supposedly confessed. He argued, “There was enough in the statements to show that Asia Bibi was forced to go before a hostile crowd whom she feared would hurt or kill her. Thus, her so-called confession was coerced and of no legal value,” he said.

Even as, Zahid Bukhari a retired judge added that,” extra judicial confessions have no value and cannot be grounds to convict a person.”