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India: 40 Christians severely beaten by Hindu nationalists


Indian Christians

Forty Christians came under attack in India’s Telangana state.

According to details, forty Christians were severely beaten by Hindu radicals after being attacked in Telangana state; after they held a prayer meeting in a home. International Christian Concern reports that several Christians got injured including a pregnant woman whose unborn child died as a result of this bashing.

The incident took place in a village called Balanagar, where Christians had gathered peacefully for a prayer meeting. In the evening a mob comprising about 60 Hindus, assembled outside the house where the Christians had gathered for prayer, and started shouting anti-Christians slogans. Shortly, after assembling the mob stormed into the house and started bashing the Christians inside. During this violence, women or children were not spared.

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In this regard, Pastor David, from Independent Church Balanagar said, “This is a cruel act carried out in the name of Hindu nationalism. Fringe Hindu radicals portray Christians as anti-nationals, so innocent Christians are punished for no wrong doing.”

Majority of the attackers were set free after being arrested by the police, the very evening, apart from seven who were held behind the bars.

In this regard, William Stark-Regional Manager of International Christian Concern, South Asia said, “This attack on Christians in Balanagar is just one more sign of growing religious intolerance in India. Hindu radicals who continue to go unchecked by the government are dividing India along religious lines and labelling religious minorities, including Christians, as inferior and anti-India.

This sentiment has led to an increased number of religious freedom violations being committed against Christians India’s government must do more to secure the religious freedom rights of all of its citizens, including Christians, and to punish those who actively violate these rights. Unless this is done soon, India risks losing its reputation as a pluralistic and tolerant democracy.”