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India: A Christian judge of the Supreme Court urges Christians to be faithful to the constitution


Justice Kurian Joseph

An Indian judge tells Christians to deal with communalism in the country with true Christianity and humanism.

Justice Kurian Joseph who is a judge of Supreme Court of India was invited for a lecture by Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar. At this occasion, Christian attendees asked him a lot of questions. Justice Kurian Jospeh answered all the questions and alleviated the fears and anxiety of Christians amid religious persecution grows in India.

Justice Kurian Joseph, also gave the Christian attendees hope and encouraged them to counteract the Radical Hindu factions with the way apposite the Biblical teachings. During the lecture he talked bout Lord Jesus Christ and the example He has set for His followers. He urged all the Christians in the country to be devoted to the constitution of India.

During the lecture session, he expressed his incompetence to answer those who claimed that Indian Christians are not patriotic. “If you want to be a true Christian you have to be a true Indian nationalist,” he said. He said some among the Hindus are of the opinion that Christians are merely unpatriotic communal group.

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“Let’s think about the person in real need. Let’s help him and have people like him cross the communal barriers,” he said. Justice Kurian Joseph also advised the Christians to employ more and more in aid and social work for the welfare of others. He said social work must be done by Christians not merely to evangelise but also for the betterment of the community as a while specially the poor.

“We have to look at the person and recognise that he is the creation of God,” he said adding, “It’s the only way to respond to that religious hatred against Christians.”