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INDIA: A Group Of Bajrang Dal Activists Attack A Christian Building In Bihar


A group of Hindu activists attacks a Christian building in Bihar.

Bajrang Dal activists attack Christian building
Bajrang Dal activists attack Christian building

According to the media reports, a group of Bajrang Dal activists on Sunday 11 January attacked and damaged the Christian bhawan (building) at a Bihar town. As a result of this incident, panic was witnessed among local Christian community. Local Christians demanded police protection for their security in Jehanabad town of the same district.

A district police official said, “Some Bajrang Dal activists attacked and vandalized the Christian bhawan at Jehanabad town.”

Sources say, what the Bajrang Dal activists did was apparently reprisal against the alleged conversion of poor Hindus by Christians. The activists also blocked National Highway 83 connecting state capital Patna to Gaya district. However, later on the allegations of forced conversion of Hindus by Christians was proved baseless.

Police officials say, the Bajrang Dal activists attacked the building at Jehanabad because the Christian priest at the bhawan had allegedly lured poor Hindus into converting. The activists told the police that some people had informed them that Christians had been practising conversion at the bhawan.

“The fact was that local Christian residents used to gather at the bhawan for weekly prayers as well as to socialise with each other. There was no evidence of conversion,” police officials said.

Noticeably, in the last one-and-half months, more than 200 poor Hindus, embraced Christianity across the Bihar state. The right-wing Hindu organisations have been alleging that the poor Hindus were lured into conversion by Christians.