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India: Bollywood musicians pay tribute to the innocent martyrs of the Army Public School Peshawar incident


APS school attack

MUMBAI: Renowned Bollywood musicians pay tribute to innocent victims of the Army Public School Peshawar massacre.

According to details, celebrated Bollywood Musician and singers Saleem Merchant and Salman Merchant have paid tribute to the martyrs of the Army Public School Peshawar attack.

While further clarifying their viewpoint, Saleem and Salman in recent times released a song titled ‘Khalipan’ in which they relayed the message that children are being increasingly afflicted throughout the world. They maintain that, “If the children go extinct this world would become barren.”

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Besides, Saleem while giving more details about their song “Khalipan” said that innocent children of the Army Public School hid their selves under chairs to avoid bullets of terrorists and our song is based on that incident.

What is more, Saleem and Salman furher said that they were factually traumatized when they heard about the APS school attack after it was soon after that they decided to pay tribute to all the martyrs of that incident. However, they say, “This song is also for children all around the world.”

It was on December 16, 2014 that the terrorists hit the Army Public School Peshawar. The tragedy was so massive that number of children injured is not exact while hundreds of school children died when the terrorists opened fire at them while entering each and every class.