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India: Christian villagers physically assaulted, fined for worshiping God


Christians in Hunter village, Palamu District face fine from Hindu authorities for worshiping God. These authorities had forbidden Christian villagers to worship Christ, evangelize, or even purchase goods from shops belonging to Hindus.

Christian persecution in India

On June 14, a Christian villager Bhuiya was attacked by Hindu extremists, he was inquired about his faith He replied in confirmation that he worshiped Christ, and was a follower of Jesus Christ. His reply enraged the extremists, and started bashing him. They threatened to kill him if he did not quit worshiping Jesus.

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Pastor Sanjay Kumar Ravi explains, “They told Bhuiya that as the Christians are still worshipping Christ even after they had received severe beatings, they were now going to kill them.” Bhuiya is missing and it not known whether he is still alive or not. The extremists had forbidden Christians to worship Christ, convert people.

Despite the fact that the Indian government is trying to curb the growing extremism, but in far flung villages Christian suffer. At various occasions, Christians have been physically assaulted, their homes were torched and reduced to ashes, forced to flee from the villages, and even killed for their faith. In some extreme cases, there are reports of Hindu authorities implementing a fine should any Christian be found worshiping God.