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INDIA: Christians Attacked For Singing Christmas Carols


Persecution of Christians in India on the rise as Christmas approaches.

Indian Christians under attack
Indian Christians under attack

According to media reports, persecution of Christians in India is evidently increasing as Christmas approaches with attacks reported in several areas including in southern regions of the country and the capital New Delhi.

According to reports, one of such latest attack was on evangelical Christians. These evangelical Christians were attacked and beaten by Hindu militants for singing Christmas carols in Hyderabad. The pastor was seriously injured along with four others. The attack was reportedly launched while Pastor Bhim Nayak of Banjara Baptist Church and fifteen church members were singing Christmas carols during their visit to the Christian families in Hyderabad’s Singareny Colony. According to local Christians, about thirty “Hindu radicals” attacked the Christians and their vehicle they had hired for the evening functions. The mob surrounded the vehicle; with several men shouting that Christians were trying to “forcefully convert people to Christianity” by singing Christmas carols. The agitated mob then smashed the vehicle’s windows and dragged the Christians out into the street where they were beaten ruthlessly with sticks and clubs. As a result of this violence Pastor Nayak, his wife and his son sustained severe injuries.

The pastor was the target of the fanatics he collapsed and was unconscious, bled severely. He was then reportedly rushed to a local clinic where he received first aid and was transferred to a hospital where he, his wife and son receive medical attention.