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INDIA: Christians Expelled From Their Village Find A Way Back Home Amid Tensions


 NEW DELHI: Christians driven out of their homes by Hindu extremists find their way back.

Banished Christians return to their village
Banished Christians return to their village

 <!–more–According to details, some of the Christian families were forcefully expelled from their village in the Jharkhand state. Those expelled Christians have somehow managed to find their way back home with the help of police. However, the Hindu extremists are prompting the tribal leaders to drive these Christians out of the area.

 In line with reports from a local pastor Moosa Minj, last month the Hindu extremists reportedly activated local tribal groups to cast out the Christian families from Kullu village in Chanho Block. “The Christians in the village have been discriminated and threatened for a long time, but the banishment started in the first week of June, when five Christian families were threatened and banished from the village,” said Pastor Moosa Minj. Pastor Minj was also one of those who were forced to flee. He fled the village on June 10 after he received death threats. Purportedly the villagers threw his belongings out of his house. Those who were forced to flee along side Pastor Minj were the families of Gossner Ekka, Vardhan Kujur, Premchand Kujur, Masihcharan Kujur and Premchand Ekka. Pastor Minj narrates that “they threatened me with dire consequences and misbehaved with me as they did with the others.” He added that the victimised Christian families approached the local police station at Narkopi on June 13. The police ignored them initially.  As the news spread, the Christian groups in Delhi made inquiry to the police station in Narkopi. Nonetheless, the police officers denied the reports of this incident saying no Christians had come to the station until June 15.  According to Rev. Vijayesh Lal of the Evangelical Fellowship of India, “the local police want to portray this as a family feud, which it is not. Rev. Moosa Minj gave a report and asked for protection for the Christians in the village. His appeal for protection was accepted, but his First Information Report was not filed.On June 22, these expelled tribal Christian families of Kullu were brought back to their village with the help of police. However, the following day a frantic mob gathered around their houses and pelted their stones at them. Nonetheless, police got involved again and was able to restore peace, although tensions remain as the local Hindu extremists are bent on expelling these Christians again.