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INDIA: Christians Forcibly Reconverted To Hinduism As Part Of “Ghar Wapsi” Campaign


About 50 to 100 Christians forcibly “reconverted” to Hinduism, in a mass conversion ceremony.

Christians forcibly reconverted in India
Christians forcibly reconverted in India

According to media report, as a part of “ghar wapsi” campaigns about 50 to 100 Indian Christians were forcibly reconverted to Hinduism whereas; the Indian authorities are investigating this report. A similar incident reportedly took place on Wednesday January 28, when 50 people from both Christian and Muslim communities were “reconverted.”

This reconversion ceremony was organized by the country’s nationalist group Vishnu Hindu Parishad (VHP). On the other hand, VHP has passionately claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s ceremony. VHP general secretary Jugal Kishore told Indian media that:” We are not committing any sin by bringing back our people to our own religion. This is a service to our country.”

The wide spreading campaigns “Ghar wapsi” are meant to bring religious minority groups “back to Hinduism, back to their original home,” Dharm Narayan Sharma, central secretary of VHP, told the international media. It is worth mentioning that VHP claims that Indian Christians and Muslims are descendants of Hindus and at one point in time were deceived into following a different faith. In consequence, these forced mass conversions are meant to bring them back to Hinduism. Force mass conversion campaigns have been gaining momentum since the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who himself is a Hindu nationalist.