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India: Christians jostle for a political recognition in the country


Indian Christians

Christians in Indian state of Kerala, seek political appreciation as religious intolerance keeps rising rapidly.

In keeping with details, just recently in village elections in Kerala, the Communist Party extended support to several Christian candidates. Christian candidates of the High Range Protection Council, won the Kattapana Municipality of Idukki district. They won 14 out of a total of 34 seats, in these elections.

The Communist party rendered support to the Christian candidates without them asking for it. From the time when India got independence in 1947; Christians are believed to be followers of the Indian National Congress, which led the freedom movement. For almost sixty years, Christians and Congress remained faithful to each other.

In 1956, when the Communist party came to power after the first elections in Kerela, the socially potent Church joined hands with the Hindu Nair community and Congress Party grapple against the communist policies. The collective efforts resulted in tip over of the government down in 1959.

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The communists stepped up hostility towards Christians as a result of coalition between the Congress and the Church. However, in the due course of time, Christians and Communists started supporting each other in recent elections. However, previously, where ever Christians were in majority they supported Congress.

Moreover, Congress was the first ruling party to endorse anti-conversion laws, and close the eyes to more than sixty years of pleas from the Christians to grant educational and economic benefits for dalit Christians. Dalit Christians are still deprived of benefits from the government, because Christianity does not recognises caste principles.