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India: Christians may face increased violence if anti-conversion bill is passed


Indian Christians

Violence against Christians in India anticipated as in case an anti-conversion religious bill in the Indian Parliament.

According to details, Release International a Middle-East based group has warned that the Indian Christians may face an increased violence if the anti-conversion bill is passed. The group warned that this bill is a direct threat to the religious freedom in India and the bill will prop up an environment of religious intolerance in the country.

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According to this bill, a punishment of ten years of imprisonment will be awarded to the Christian missionaries or evangelists who are found converting people to Christianity. If this bill is passed, no body will be allowed to convert from Hinduism to any other religion.

“These particular laws, which are a nod towards that violence in a way it they’re almost saying we understand that that’s happening and that kind of violence is justified,” Andrew Boyd from Release International said. He further said that this bill will give rise to violence against the Christians in India. “There have been lots of attacks against Muslims and Christians in India.”

“These moves would affect the entire nation and you’d have a picture now where the word’s largest democracy would outlaw freedom for its own individuals to choose their faith and you would loose the freedom to share your faith.”

Chief Executive of Release International – Paul Robinson, said “Ultra-nationalists in India are creating a climate of intolerance that will lead to increased religious violence. This Bill would outlaw evangelism and stir up further violence against India’s religious minorities.”

India has seen a rise in violence against Christians since BJP has taken over the reins of the country. Bhartiya Janta Party is believed to be an allied of the radical Hindu nationalists Hindutva philosophy. According to the Hindutva philosophy, Indian subcontinent is home for Hindus only; in other words to be Indian is to be Hindu.