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India: Christians united to condemn the increasing religious intolerance in the country


Indian Christians

Christians in India unite to express disapproval of ongoing religious intolerance and campaigns of Hindu radicals against the religious minorities in the country.

In keeping with details, some of the prominent Christian leaders have together raised their voices over the increasing incidents of religious minorities being targeted by the Hindu radicals. They have collectively raised great concerns over persecution of the non-Hindus and “sinister attempts” to eliminate policies under which that reserved jobs for the lower castes citizens.

Some prominent Christians including clergymen, a former police chief and the Archbishop of Gujarat, Archbishop Thomas Macwan of Gandhinagar and Christian activist John Dayal signed a letter concerning the distressing issue. The letter reads. “We as Christians in unequivocal terms denounce the growing intolerance in the country.

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We also denounce the sinister attempts to do away with reservation policy and ultimately the attempt to undermine the Constitution of India; we denounce the planned move to utilise religion for politico-economic benefits;

“We denounce the well-orchestrated efforts to use government machinery to achieve ones evil ends; we denounce all the efforts to divide the nation into fiefdom of some elements.”

These Christians also expressed serious concerns regarding the threats to the Adivasies in the country. They penned down concerns regarding their freedom. Adivasi belef system is facing defamation while its adherents are being pressurized to quit practicing their ancient religious practices.

“We are in a special way concerned at how the indigenous Adivasi people in our country are being coerced to leave their traditional nature-based religious beliefs and practices and are subjected to so-called ‘ghar vapsi’ by some hindutva elements thus ushering in disharmony within their communities. Under this pretext, they are being alienated from their natural habitat and resources.”

On the other hand, the right wing-Hindu nationalist party BJP, (Bhartiya Janta Party) which is also in power has clearly denied the allegations that it has any intention to abolish the reservation policy. Under this policy, discrimination of the basis of religion and castes was trounced since 1950. However, despite this clarification many politicians have been insisting for an end to this policy.