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INDIA: Christians Urge US President To Raise The Issue Of Religious Persecution With PM Modi

Obama during visit to India
Obama during visit to India

Christians in India have urged that the US President Obama should address the issue of religious minorities in India during the talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In recent past, India has seen increased persecution of minorities specially Christians being persecuted by Hindu radicals now and then.

Indian Christian strongly demanded US President Barack Obama during his visit in India to raise the issue of persecution of minorities in India with PM Modi. US President Obama was the main guest of the celebration of Republic Day held on January 26.

According to Christian organizations, the US leader should express concern over the violence suffered by religious minorities in India. Over the span of eight months of his government, the nationalist party “Bharatiya Janata Party”, led by Modi, “the situation of religious minorities has worsened”, says a report sent to Fides. “The campaigns of incitement to hatred are systematic, orchestrated also by members of the BJP party and Hindu extremist groups that promote attacks against religious minorities” in particular against Muslim and Christian communities, which are respectively 13% and 2, 5% of the population. An NGO “Christian Solidarity Worldwide” says, “Prime Minister Modi’s silence on these issues that affect religious minorities in India creates tensions within these communities. On an important day which recalls the history and vision of the great Indian nation, we ask the issue of pluralism and human rights for all citizens of India to be highlighted”.