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India: Daughter of Muslim man killed for eating beaf asks “is eating meat such a big crime?”


Muslim killed for eating beaf

The killing of a Muslim over allegedly slaughtering a cow has incited a wide spread debate over the fanatical agenda of the current BJP government.

A 56-year-old, Muslim was killed reportedly over rumours that he had slaughtered a cow. The incident took place in Bisara village, which is home to 35 Muslim families and about 400 Hindus.

Reportedly, it was on September 28, that a Hindu pundit had made announcement in the temple using loudspeakers that a local Muslim villager Muhammed Akhlaq had butchered a cow and his wife was cooking beef for dinner. Shortly, after the announcement, an infuriated mob assembled within minutes and stormed into Muhammad Akhlaq’s house. The mob started beating him and tortured him till he died. The mob beat him with bricks and stones. After he died his dead body was dragged out of the house in front of his family.

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Sajida Saifi, daughter of Muhammad Akhlaq stated, “I screamed and shouted to tell the mob that we did not eat beef, and they should stop beating my father and my brother, but they pushed me away.” Sajida witnessed her father beaten to death while Akhlaq’s youngest son was also beaten and suffered severe head injuries. He is believed to be in critical condition and is in an intensive care unit where the doctors had already performed two brain operations.

Bearing in mind, that eating beef is not illegal in Uttar Pradesh state, however, it is illegal to slaughter cows in this state. Sajida Saifi whined that even if the family had been eating beef, there was no justification for murder. “I saw my father being killed and no one came to save him. How can eating meat or beef become such a big crime?”