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India: Extremists attack a preaching pastor, beat and left him half naked on street


Indian Christians

A Pastor attacked and humiliated while preaching the Gospel to public.

In keeping with details, a Christian Pentecostal pastor who was preaching the Gospel of Christ to people in public, was attacked by the extremists. The incident took place in India’s Bihar state, District Patna. Deepak Kumar, a Pentecostal pastor began preaching Christ to the people, just when a group of armed extremists attacked him.

The Global Council of Indian Christians, (GCIC) reported the incident to Fides, stating that Deepak Kumar who had stopped in front of the Barh railway station, began preaching about Christ to the general public. He was preaching the Gospel of Christ to whoever wished to listen to him.

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The Global Council of Indian Christians further revealed that, while he was still preaching, suddenly a group of ten armed extremists appeared and started beating him violently. They were hurling insults at him, and kept humiliating him. After much bashing, they left him half naked in the street and escaped.

Deepak was wounded as a result of this violent beating. President of the Global Council of the Indian Christians, Mr. Sajjan K. George, strongly condemned the incident, and the extremism directed towards the Indian Christians.

In a statement sent to Fides, Sajjan K. George said, “These men have committed a crime and must be stopped. Kumar was not doing anything illegal: he was simply talking to people, exercising a freedom enshrined in the Constitution. The law is equal for everyone: even Christians are Indian citizens.”