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India: Extremists torture 29 Christians for refusing to deny Christ


29 Indian Christians were tortured and bashed by Hindu extremists, as they refused to deny Christ and reconvert to Hinduism. The incident was reported by Open Doors, a Christian watchdog group, which said, “This is just one of an increasing number of stories of persecution coming out of India. Hindu extremists have been attacking Christians more frequently and more violently. This is happening across India and has increased by 34 per cent since 2013.”

Christians tortured in India

The incident took place in Katholi village; where enraged extremists destroyed houses of Christians and forced them to flee from their houses. It has been reported by Open Doors that the leader of the Christians community of the village was summoned in a meeting by the Hindu extremists, and convert back to Hinduism along with other Christians. When the Christians refused to convert to Hinduism, the extremists were furious and started torturing them.

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The Christian villagers after fleeing, tried to return to their houses after four days, but were not allowed to settle down by the extremists and had to flee again. The villagers abused the Christians saying, ”Because of you our god and goddess are fleeing from our village. When they refused to forsake Christ they began to beat them. Beating them they drove them towards their houses and threw out their belonging.”

As the situation escalates, Open Doors has urged Christians across the globe to pray for the Indian Christians that God may protect them from radicals and that situation for Christian converts gets better. It is also being claimed that despite rising persecution, Christianity is still growing in the predominantly, Hindu country, where Christianity is third-largest religion in terms of population.