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India: Hindu extremists threaten to kill Christians “If they utter the name of Christ”


Christians in India

Hindu extremists have stepped up persecution campaign against Christians in India.

According to media reports, the Hindu extremists are threatening to “cut the Christians into pieces” if they ever revisit the church or refuse to reconvert to Hinduism. This was recently disclosed by the church leaders.

Recently, in Rajasthan state, about 10 Christian families residents of Nakhnool village, were forced to flee from their village after Hindu extremists harassed and threatened to kill them, the local church leaders revealed.

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A pastor who was also among those who faced harassment from the Hindu extremists was threatened not to continue holding worship meetings. “Since June 27, we have not been able to have any kind of worship meetings. The extremists threatened to harm us if we utter the name of Christ or conduct any Christian meetings,” a local pastor told.

Moreover, pastors also revealed that “Members of the Hindu extremist Shiv Sena, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) reportedly held a homecoming to Hinduism (Ghar Wapsi) in front of Pastor Pratap Singh’s house earlier in July this year.”

During the Ghar Wapsi function about 600 people gathered in front of the Pastor Pratab’s house and put up the idol of a Hindu god. Subsequently, they forced Pasotr Pratab and his 10 family members were forced to worship the idol and sign a paper which read “I am willing to be a Hindu.”

“They forced them to drink water procured from the Ganga River and put kumkum on their foreheads to show that they are now Hindus,” it has been reported. Moreover, Pastor Pratab spent a month in hiding after the Hindu extremists threatened to kill him if he continued holding worship meetings. However, he was found by the Hindu extremists and they brought him back to his house for the re-conversion ritual.