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India: Hindu radicals attack Christian villagers thus “banning Christianity”


Indian Christians attacked

Christian villagers brutally assaulted followed by a ban on Christianity.

According to media reports, the incident happened in the Chatisgarh state of India where a group of radical Hindus brutally attacked Christian villagers of the Karmeri village on September 8.

A mob comprising about 50 radical Hindus launched an attack on a church at about 4:00 pm. The attackers armed with wooden clubs and sticks started beating Christians inside the church premises. As a result of this brutality, two Christians women sustained serious injuries and were rushed to hospital where they are receiving medical treatment.

The two Christians women who were injured were identified as 40-years-old Pulo Bhai and 35-year-old Ludri. The women confronted the attackers when they initiated the assault on the Christians. According to Pastor John Massaih, who is one of the victims said, “We are terrified and devastated. The Christians in the village are in deep trouble as they are already not allowed to buy groceries from the shops in the village…. since the incident took place, no one has come to our rescue; neither police nor any political leader.”

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Details have it that there has been tension between the Christians and Hindus in the Karmeri village since the Christian villagers started building a church in the village. A local influential Hindu villager summoned a village meeting with fellow Hindu villagers. A resolution was passed unanimously by villagers under Section 129 (G) of the Chatisgarh Panchayat Raj Act; thus banning all Non-Hindu activities including prayers, worship meetings etc in the Karmeri village. As per this resolution Christianity was banned in the village. Similar resolutions have also been passed in 50 other villages of Chatisgarh which render Christianity illegal.

As a direct result of this resolution imposing a ban on Christianity; the local Christian villagers faced immense problems as their fellow villagers had boycotted them socially. A Local Christian village woman said, “We Christians are not allowed to take our cattle out for grazing, our rations were cut off, and we were barred from buying things at the local grocery shop.”

The Christians are terrified, as a local Christian woman said, “The attackers are roaming free, even after the attack on Christians. They are demanding us to leave the foreign religion and come back to Hindu religion.”