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India Is Not Built On Any Particular Religious Community Says Bishop Of Pune


Bishop of Pune emphasizes on role of all religious minorities in development of India.

Bishop of Pune-INDIA
Bishop of Pune-INDIA

Mgr Thomas Dabre, bishop of Pune, recently told a news agency that “Our country is not built on any particular religious community, nor on any particular belief. Obviously, I recognise the enormous contribution Hindus have made to nation-building, for which I am deeply grateful. However, India was built by people of other religions as well: the Taj Mahal by Muslim, social reforms about equality and human dignity by Christians, outstanding national service Sikhs and Parsees, sculptures by Buddhist”.

All this “should be highlighted at a time of religious intolerance and terrorism,” he explained. “Only when all Indians, in particular politicians and certain radical groups, explicitly recognise the patriotism of people of all religions, India will be able to live in true peace and harmony, and protect its unity and integrity.”