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India: Mentally impaired Christian woman stabbed to death over charges of blasphemy


A 55-year-old Christian woman hacked to death over charges of desecrating religious scripture of Sikhism. In line with details, the woman was suffering from mental impairment. The incident took place on Sunday in a rural village in Central Punjab; which is hub is Sikhism.

Christians persecuted in India

The victim Balwinder Kaur, was attacked by unknown assailant outside her house. She was accused of accused of desecrating a Sikh holy book. The assailant used sharp weapon, she was left in a critical condition as she bled severely. Her husband Labh Masih, states that he heard his wife’s screams. Balwinder died due to excessive bleeding.

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Prior to the attack, rumors spread in the village that Balwinder had blasphemed by desecrating the Sikh holy book. She was later charged with the anti-blasphemy laws; however was set free on bail. There are reports that that after being hacked, she crawled back into her house in a room where her granddaughter was sleeping. Family says she wanted to check whether her granddaughter was safe or not.

Police maintains there are chances of radical Sikhs being involved in her killing as she was accused of committing blasphemy. However, police does not rule out possibility of other elements being involved. “The assailants could have stabbed or shot her dead but they inflicted injuries upon her below the knee only, which has made us think of several theories,” a police spokesman stated.

Local Christians claim there are at least three people involved in the attack. Christians claim that the assailants knocked on Balwinder Kaur’s door at around 12:30 a.m. when she opened the door they dragged her out of the house and started stabbing her.

While commenting in this respect, the Archbishop Felix Machado of Vasai, termed the murder “a very sad incident. The sacred book of the Sikhs is certainly to be respected,” he said while adding, “Abuse of such kinds must stop, because people of all religions must have respect for one another’s sacred texts, places of worship and above all, their adherents – the human beings who make up each religion.”