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INDIA: “More Than 100 Christians Reconverted To Hinduism” Hindu Activists Claim


Hindu nationalists put forward their claims of reconverting more than 100 Christians back to their former religion Hinduism.

Reconversions in India
Reconversions in India

According to media reports, India’s Hindu nationalists are claiming that in India’s state of Kerela more than 100 people who were formerly Hindus and had previously embraced Christianity have now returned to their Hindu roots, in two separate ceremonies on January 18. These Hindu leaders, purportedly arranged ceremonies in the towns of Elappara and Kayamkulam, in order to receive back members of 47 different families. However, the names of the individuals who “reconverted” were not revealed.

Of late, these Hindu activists have been encouraging Christians to abandon their faith, while they allegedly accuse that Christian missionaries are offering incentives to impoverished Hindus to entice them to convert to Christianity.