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India: Pastors beaten and jailed for praying in a house


Indian Christians

Religious intolerance gains further momentum as pastors reportedly beaten and jailed for praying.

According to details, Christian pastors beaten and put behind the bars for praying together in a house. Vijesh Lall- Secretary of the Freedom and Development Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of India narrated, “In one incident not long ago about 35 kilometres from Delhi, 13 pastors were gathered in the house of another pastor. They were praying. It was prayer meeting.

There was no preaching or evangelising. They were attacked and beaten. They were taken to the police station where they were told: ‘This is a Hindu nation. Your kind of prayers are not allowed.’ They were released later that day after many hours in custody.”

While talking with an international media Vijesh Lall, said, “The situation has deteriorated in the north. It is not just Christians. It is other minorities and civil society being affected as well.

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The Christians on the ground are fearful and have been for quite some time. People used to attack Christians if they evangelised on the street. Now Christians are not even safe if they are praying in their own homes.”

Vijesh Lall agreed that the Indian Premier Narendra Modi had at least said on two different occasions that each person in the country will have freedom of religion. “But nothing seems to be happening on the ground. I do not see a bright future unless the Prime Minister really does something. He’s there in your country now. Maybe people can try and talk to him about this.”

2014 saw about 147 incidents of anti-Christian violence while in a sharp contrast to this figure, this year till the end of October there have been 130 anti-Christians incidents in India so far.

Seeing the worsening situation if India, the evangelicals in the country are urging the Christian leaders in the UK to compel the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to arbitrate and take steps to help out the persecuted Christians in India. The Indian Premier in on a visit to the UK these days.

In the recent past, India has seen a sharp increase in the violent attacks on Christians in the country. Indian Christians are frequently, being beaten and killed as the control of hardliner Hindu groups increases day by day form the time since Modi’s government was elected in summer last year.