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India: Police raids a house church during service, attacking and injuring worshipers


Police officers raided a house church in Kanyakumari District town of Aralvaimozhi in Indian state Tamil Nadu. On October 6, five policemen purportedly attacked the house church during a service, and injured worshipers.

Christian persecution in India

In line with a local Christian Pastor Yesudas who witnessed the attack, the policemen disrupted the church when a prayer service was going on. He said that when the policemen stormed into the church they abused him and used filthy language. When the Christians inquired about their crime, the policemen started beating them up.

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Pastor Yesudas said that police inspector held his neck and started hitting him in the stomach and back. “My wife and the believers tried to protect me, but they were also injured,” Pastor Yesudas was quoted explaining that: “We did not know what to do and tried to phone call pastors from neighboring areas.”

After the attack, injured Pastor Yesudas called his friend Pastor Satyaseelan who came to the church and helped him. Pastor Satyaseelan stated: “Pastor and his wife were injured and howling in pain”.

Pastor Satyaseelan described the scene saying: “Chairs and Bibles could be seen thrown aside. One of the constables was manhandling the believers while Jeyalakshmi continued abusing in foul language. I can’t repeat those words. She was raging in anger.”

Consequently, the local Christians reported the incident at the police station and are demanding that the Superintendent of police in the Kanyakumari District to arrest Jeyalakshmi and five other police officers who perpetrated the attack. Pastor Satyaseelan said that no police action has been taken against those accountable for the attack on house church.

Morning Star News quoted a local source that the police in Kanyakumari District are influenced by a leader from the Bharatiya Janata Party. “Inspector Jeyalakshmi is close associate to local RSS leaders,” Morning Star quoted the source.