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India: Policemen break nose of one and fractured spine of another Christian in Tamil Nadu


Indian Christians

Indian police shows aggression towards Christians in the country during the ongoing year, as officers physically tortured Christians.

According to details, police of Indian state Tamil Nadu, brutally tortured two Christians merely for their Christian faith and seriously injured them. The two Christians who got injured were identified as A. Rethinakumar and C. Nova.

Both of them hail from Jesus Redeems Ministry. At the time of incident at around 2:30 a.m. the two Christians were travelling by motorcycle in Thomas Nagar; when two policemen stopped them. The policemen reportedly began verbally abusing them.

In this regard, a petition has been submitted by the Christian victims’ defence counsel attorney T. Hubertson. The petition has been submitted to the National Human Rights Commission about the assault. “The two policemen were heavily drunk and calling the Christians ‘sons of prostitutes.’ They told the Christians to remove their helmets and started punching them in the face,” Hubertson told the media.

Moreover, the police officers purportedly involved in this assault have been identified as Special Sub-Inspector Ravi Chandran of the Asaripallam police station and Raj Kumar of the Tamil Nadu Special Police Youth Brigade.

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The two policemen slapped, punched and verbally abused the Christians; Special Sub-Inspector Ravi Chandran asked the Christians where they had come from. When the Christians told the policemen that they were returning from a Christian mission, and were now on their way to meet the leader of their ministry, the policemen became furious and uttered insulting remarks against Lord Jesus Christ and asked, “What has Jesus done for you, sons of prostitutes? Why are you running to Him?” Advocate Hubertson said.

Raj Kumar continued slapping and kicking Rethinakumar while “repeatedly kicking and punching him the length of his spine to his neck and called the Christians ‘sons of prostitutes’ while harassing them he threatened to kill them, said S. Jeyakumar- Area leader of Jesus Redeems Ministry.

The policemen took them to the police station, where both the Christians were subjected to severe torture. Later on, the policemen falsely charged the Christians of robbery.

Finally at around 4:00 a.m. the Christians were allowed to leave the police station. Owing to severe torture, Rethinakumar suffered several fractures in his spine. He was hospitalized at Kanyakumari Government Medical Hospital, but later he was admitted to Peace Health Centre Hospital in Tirunelveli. Nova, on the other hand suffered a broken nose and a serious mouth injury, Advocate Hubertson told.