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INDIA: Radical Hindus Claim To Make India Christianity Free By 2021


A radical Hindu group claims they will make India Christian free by 2021.

Radical Hindus claim to eradicate Christianity from India
Radical Hindus claim to eradicate Christianity from India

According to media reports, a group of radical Hindus is committed and dedicated to make India free of Christians and Muslims. This Hindu group is determined to impose radical Hindu principles of “cosmic law” in the country and claim that India will be become a Rashtra (dominion) .i.e. free of Christians and Muslims by 2021.

This radical group known as the Dharma Jagran Samiti group is actively engaged in promoting ideas that are designed to reconvert Hindus who have left for other Christianity and Islam. “Muslims and Christians don’t have any right to stay here,” said Rajeshwar Singh, leader of the Uttar Pradesh chapter of the DJS. “So they would either be converted to Hinduism, or forced to run away from here.”

He also went to state that even though he had temporarily suspended the “ghar wapsi” or reconversion movement that were scheduled for the Christmas Day- December 25. He said that theses reconversion plans will be restarted soon. He ardently said that he wouldn’t let Muslims and Christians convert the Hindus.

“I will ensure that India is freed of Muslims and Christians by December 31, 2021,” Singh said.

“The enemies have tried many a time in the past to finish Hinduism. But every time, Ram, Krishna and Chanakya came forward to finish them and restore the glory of Hinduism,” he added. “I am also doing the same.”