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India: Radicals call off a wedding ceremony, claiming pastor converted the bride to Christianity by force


A group of extremist Hindus stormed into a church, when a wedding ceremony was going on. The wedding was halted by the radicals claiming that the pastor had converted the bride to Christianity by force. Furthermore, police also provided support to the extremists.

Hindu extremists

The incident took place in Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. Reportedly a wedding ceremony was going on in a church when Hindu extremists from extremist outfit Bajrang Dal. The church spokesman said that, police hooked ten people.
“They said it is a matter of forceful conversion and arrested the bride, the groom, and their parents as well pastors of two churches who were present there,” the spokesman further said.

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“How can you storm into a religious place and stop a ceremony like this? You will never see such a thing happening at a temple or a mosque,” he continued to complain.

On the other hand, the police claims that the bride was a Hindu girl. On these grounds the wedding was halted and the police intervened. Moreover the police claims that the girl was below the age of 18; which is the legal age of marriage for girls. “The girl is a Hindu and she is 17. We acted on a complaint made by the bride’s uncle. The matter is under investigation,” a police official said.

Consequently, the church authorities are insisting that the allegations are baseless, and that the couple is Christian. The church authorities accused that police are trying to make excuses to justify their heinous act. Media reported that the couple had converted to Christianity about four years ago; nonetheless, the couple did not inform the district authorities about their conversion.

India’s Christians claim that there has been a sharp increase in anti-Christians attacks. Churches have been targeted while earlier in March, police arrested three men who vandalized a church in Chhattisgarh. Christian leaders claim that these attacks are being backed by hardliner groups. Moreover, the wave of massive re-conversions of Christians to Hinduism was also inflicted upon the Indian Christians.