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India: Three Christians arrested for trying to show The Jesus film


Stephen Rajkumar

Three Christians hooked by police for charges of showing a Gospel movie.

According to details, the incident took place in Madhya Pradesh which is a state of India. Three Christians who were preparing to show a Gospel film have been arrested. The Christians who were arrested are 40-year-old, Stephen Rajkumar, 28-year-old, Anil Kumar and 20-year-old, (28) and Harilal.

It has been revealed that these Christians were invited to a village Motawa near Satna by a local Christian villager. The three of them who work for the Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS) organisation, accepted his invitation and went to his village however, the local members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a radical organisation got wind of their arrival and filed a complain against them under the charges of trying to convert the villagers.

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The police conducted a raid at the house of the local Christian villager who has invited the three Christians and arrested the three of them along with confiscating their belongings including their mobile phones. The three of them are as per reports are under investigation as they have been charged of violating the anti-conversion law.

However, this is not the first time that Stephen Rajkumar has faced such violence for doing evangelism. It has been reported that in times past he was abducted once and tortured and beaten for his evangelistic activities.

As understood, the ruling party in India BJP Bhartiya Janta Party intends to endorse a country-wide anti-conversion law according to which those who wish to convert to other religions from Hinduism need to seek permission from the district authorities. This law has been passed in seven of the Indian states already but due to legal hitches
it has not been passed in other states yet.

The Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS) organisation, has been toiling in the northern parts of India for past 42 years. GEMS has been working for the most part in Bihar where as it has been actively provided and facilitating education and medical services to the poor women and children hailing from the persecuted families. Apart from this; GEMS also offers evangelistic services where ever deemed necessary.