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India: Vandals torch houses of Christian converts asserting their conversion provoked deities


Houses of Christians burnt by villagers, who assumed that Hindu deities have been provoked to anger by their conversion to Christianity. The incident took place in in Katholi village, Kanker District of Chhattisgarh State in India. The vandals drove these newly Christian converts from their houses and torched their houses.

Extremism in India

The Christians who had been targeted, had converted from Hinduism to Christianity. The local had concluded that their Hindu deities were irritated, by their conversions. One day these Christian converts were summoned to a public meeting and were asked to renounce Christianity. After they refused to give up their Christian faith, villagers tortured them ahead of burning their houses.

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A local Pastor Able Varghese says, “For a long time, the Hindu villagers had harbored hatred against the Christians and finally summoned them to a public meeting, told them to renounce Christ, beat them up severely and burned up their houses.” After the violence, four Christian families fled from the village, and took refuge in Kaviti village.