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Indian government urged to “open doors for the persecuted Christians from Pakistan”


Indian Government

A Christian hailing from Pakistan urges the Indian government to open its borders for the tattered Christians from the neighboring Pakistan.

In the wake of the recent terror strike in Lahore’s park where Christians had been targeted, a British Pakistani Christian Wilson Chaudhary has urged the Indian government to open its borders for the worn out Pakistani Christians.

“There could be a humanitarian crisis in this part of world also if Christians from Pakistan start moving towards Indian border as the conditions are getting worse day by day for them in Pakistan” said Wilson Chaudhary. While talking to Times of India, Wilson Chaudhary said that India should provide refuge to the persecuted Pakistani Christians. India should provide a safe haven for the Pakistani Christians. He said that action should be taken on this request, before the time comes when Christians start crossing the border in search of refuge; which may cause just another humanitarian crisis.

Further explaining his concern for the Pakistani Christians, he said that he had written a letter to Indian Premier- Narendera Modi. He said that in his letter, he had penned down facts in support of his idea that India was the only safe place for the Christians of Pakistan.

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“I realize that your nation naturally has many grave security concerns about Pakistan, but I would like to draw your attention to the desperate and worsening plight of Pakistani Christians, who alongside Hindus in Pakistan are terribly and badly treated. In fact, currently expert researchers rank Pakistan as being as bad as the lawless nation of Eritrea in its treatment of Christians.

I am writing because I believe there is a great opportunity for you to help, not only your fellow Hindus, but also Christians, by allowing them, even encouraging them, with suitable security vetting of course, to escape across the border into India,” he wrote in his letter written to Modi.

Wilson Chaudhary, while explaining why India was the best possible option for the Pakistani Christians, he said, “Pakistan has a tiny border with China, a nation with a completely foreign culture for Pakistanis, and then there are lengthy borders with Muslim fundamentalist Iran and Afghanistan, which are even worse in their treatment of religious minorities than Pakistan.

However, despite the ongoing sporadic conflicts between India and Pakistan, at the societal level India share history, culture and language to a considerable degree, meaning relatively easy integration and also that they could contribute to the Indian economy without the downsides that would be involved in people of completely different languages and cultures being given refuge.”