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Indian Hindus Mob Attacked Pastors and Stopped Prayer Meeting


The pastors Vijay Jogi and Santosh Rao were just few minutes away from starting their three-day gospel meeting when Hindu nationalists surrounded the building. Some one thousand people had gathered to hear the gospel.

Indian Hindus Mob Attacked Pastors and Stopped Prayer Meeting

Pastor Amos James told that Pastor Vijay Jogi and Pastor Santosh Rao were receiving the people at the entrance then suddenly a mob of 70 Hindu Dharm Sena and Bajrang Dal activists encircled the entrance and beat Pastor Jogi and Pastor Rao then summoned them to the nearest police station.

The Government Railway Police called the pastors to the station and warned them to cancel the meeting.

The police told them to settle the matter there and stop the event immediately. While Pastor Rao and Pastor Jogi were in the police station that the activists were tearing and burning the banners, breaking the tube lights, chairs and dismantling the stage. The police officer told them that even if they will lodge a case against the extremists, it would go strongly against the pastors.

Like every year, the church leaders received permission from the railway and the railway police to conduct the prayer meeting. However, this year, the extremists said that the organizers also needed the permission from the sub-judicial magistrate. They also had issue with the invitation verse. In the pamphlets the pastors quoted Luke chapter 7 and verses 22 and 23.

In response of those verses the Hindu activists began arguing with the pastors that they are promoting blind beliefs. How can lame walk? How can deaf hear? How can you raise the dead? When your God can do all this, why are people going to the doctors then?

The pastor said that he did not write those words. Those verses are taken from the Holy Bible and applied to the entire humankind. But the mob didn’t listen and said the verses offended them.

The pastor apologized for quoting those verses in the pamphlet which offended them at personal level.

The Hindu extremists asked the pastors that why they were calling Hindus to their events, why they were conducting gospel meetings publicly and why they were converting Hindus.

Right in front of the police they warned the pastor and stopped them from going to Hindu’s house. Moreover they asked them to work among the Christians only.

These types of attacks against Christians are happening regularly in India. Regardless, the pastors said that they will continue preaching the gospel and loving the lost.

Such attacks are partly due to the radical Hindu government’s increased hostility towards Christians. Since May 2014, India has been governed by a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is against Christian community and harassed them for conducting any prayer meeting.