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Indian States Contemplate Anti-Conversion Law


Anti COnversion Law

Amid preparations for legislative elections in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, insights into statistics relating to Prime Minister Modi’s government show that ever since Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) took power, there have been 168 incidences of targeted violence against the Christian Community in India. From the statements passed by the Indian Government the world may soon see contours of a law placing an absolute ban on conversions to Christianity.

There have been previous attempts by members of the Indian Parliament to pass bills like the “Freedom of Religion”, which promised the establishment of anti conversion laws. These however had been unsuccessful. The previous governments even placed blame on the Christian Community for bringing violence upon themselves. Stiff punishments and legislation of criminalization for converting to Christianity have been in place in states of Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Arun Anchal and Orissa. This law has survived despite repeated attempts of it being challenged in the Supreme Court of Himachal Pradesh

There have been continuous warnings that the number of Muslim population in India is poised to swamp the Hindu majority, religious nationalists are still demanding a law to curb the growing population of Christians in India. The law still awaits a final decision as vice president Hamid Ansari says; choice of religion remains the fundamental right of every individual. He also mentioned that law enforcement should be left in the hands of the national government and the state governments should not meddle with the system already in place.

Feared conversions to Christianity, by the Hindu majority also show how the Indian demographics might change. The sole purpose behind this law enforcement is avoidance of religious violence which is assumed to be occurring because a lot of liberty is given to the Christian community. This is also purposed to be a way of stopping Hindus from attacking nuns, clergy and churches across the country.