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Indonesia: 60-year-old Christian woman beaten for breaking Sharia


Christians in Indonesia

A 60-year-old Christians woman canned for breaking law of Sharia. The elderly Christian woman was whipped about 30 times with a rattan cane, which makes it the first of kind punishment awarded to a non-Muslim in Indonesia.

The incident took place in Indonesia’ Aceh province, which is under the influence of Islamists. The elderly Christian woman, who was convicted of selling alcohol by the Indonesian authorities. The Christian convict was canned in front of a crowd of hundreds, on Tuesday, April 12, with a rattan cane. The name and identity if the woman has not been disclosed thus far. At the same time, as the Christian woman was being whipped, another couple was also being punished on the charges of committing adultery.

Indonesian province Aceh is the only province in the country where the Sharia law is applied with strictness. Anyone who is found violator of the Sharia law, is canned publicly at most times in front of huge crowds. This is a common practice in the province. Moreover, under the strict Islamic rules, violators of the Islamic code such as adulterers, gays, drinkers and even those who speak to unmarried members of the opposite, are punished in the prescribed manner. The Islamic Sharia law was introduced after the province was granted unique self-rule from the Indonesian government, in 2001.

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The country has also become a hotbed for the anti-Christian hostility. The Indonesian radical Muslims often times resort to pressuring officials to close churches. Further the Indonesian authorities are also pressurized to jail pastors.

The extremists also provoke masses into violence and incite the people to destroy the church buildings, at the same time harassing and threatening the believers. In the face if this ever increasing persecution, the Church is not being stopped from growing in the world’s largest Muslim-populated nation.