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INDONESIA: A Church Set On Fire As A Latest Episode Of Recent Christian Muslim Clashes


church set on fire in Indonesia

Two churches set on fire as a result of suspected Christian-Muslim clashes.

In Purworejo, Java province of Indonesia a group of unknown attackers set fire to a church. As reported by AsiaNews, the front of the building was seriously damaged, as a result of fire.

A local pastor, Rev Ibnu Prabowo, said relations between Christians and Muslims have been always good, however, “some provocative actions are undermining interdenominational harmony.”

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Earlier, another church was targeted in Bantul, Yogyakarta, when the unidentified attackers sprayed gasoline at the building and then lighted it. However, the culprits’ identity still remains unknown in this case also.

“Because of the Tolikara incident, we will torch more churches,” read the message left by the attackers at the site of the Purworejo church, the message confirms the incident as a result of torching of a small mosque.

Extreme religious violence in central Java is ignited as a result of torching of a small mosque in Tolikara, Papua province. The incident caused confusion and concern among Indonesia’s religious leaders. Even though the constitution guarantees Christians the right of freedom of religion, yet they have suffered from acts of violence and religious persecution.

Keeping a close eye on the situation, Father Neles Tebay- Dean of the Fajar Timur Institute of Philosophy and Theology has urged the Indonesian authorities to carry out a “thorough investigation” to ease religious tensions to some extent.