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Industrious Christian activist Sarfraz Gill steps down as President of District Sialkot All Minorities’ Democrats steps down


All Minorities’ Democrats President of Sialkot chapter Mr. Sarfraz Gill has decided to step down on grounds of personal reasons. In an official statement he announced his resignation along with relinquishing his AMD membership.

Sarfraz Gill resigns from AMD

In an official press release he stated: “I have been proud to serve the All Minorities Democrat as President of District Sialkot for the last couple of months so it is with great gratitude, and a heavy heart that I must resign from this position on personal grounds.

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I leave behind a record of my efforts for the party and I am happy to leave that legacy on personal reason. With immediate effect, I will be no longer responsible for any decision taking place from All Minorities Democrat platform.”

He has submitted his resignation officially to the Chairman Secretariat AMD, whereas his resignation was accepted by the Chairman AMD Robin Yousuf Saroya. Despite his resignation, Sarfraz Gill intends to serve the Christian community with same zeal as before, “My intentions are to focus on my professional career and socially try to make our people living better, to work through the difficulties we’re going through across Pakistan. I will continue my role of uprising our community children and youth to have a better living standards, education and good health among other communities in the country.”

Young enthusiast laid great focus on the education of Christian community, as he said: “If our children will get a quality education then they can lead our community in a better way in a very near future. My personal support and focus on Christian children education will not be devalued after my resignation from AMD and I will continue with my goals.”