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Influential Muslims Grab Houses Of Seven Christian Families In Kasur District


KASUR: Influential men seized homes of seven Christian families.

Houses of seven Christian families grabbed in Kasur
Houses of seven Christian families grabbed in Kasur

According to media reports, homes of seven Christian families were seized and bulldozed in Rao Khan Wala, a village of Kasur. A local Christian Boota Masih, approached a Rights activist while informing him about the incident. According to him, local Muslim men namely Shahid Khan, Jaffar Ali, Zafar Iqbal and Munir Bhatti conspired by producing fake documents with the help of local Patwari. Afterwards, homes of these Christian families were seized and bull dozed.

Those who are affected by the land grabbers are Rafique Masih, Shangara Masih , Farzana Bibi , Iruma Bibi (Widow) , Bagh Masih , William Masih , Samar Masih and Gama Bibi (widow). Moreover, the land grabbers threatened these Christians to either kill them or name in them false criminal cases. The land grabbers allegedly threw out families’ belongings on road.

What is alarming that the land grabbers gave an only option to the Christian families for return of their houses- convert to Islam. All of these seven Christian families have been now rendered homeless and shelterless truly vulnerable to any sectarian violence.