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Instant Christ Android App: A social media platform for Christians to connect with other Christians worldwide


Instant Christ app

An Android app named Instant Christ has been launched for millions of Christians who wish to connect with their fellow believers.

According to details, Instant Christ is an Android App which is meant for Christian to connect with fellow Christians and share their testimonies, faith and spirituality with each others. The App was launched on September 29, Tuesday all over the world. It can downloaded without any payment from GooglePlay.

Instant Christ App is created by an entrepreneur, Donald Cyprian, and his wife, Cenaca Cyprian. The Christian couple who had surrendered their lives to God have taken upon themselves to play their role to bring the world to God. The couple hope to bring about a change in the world with their recently launched Instant Christ™. Donald Cyprian revealed that in 2014 he had a divine urge in his heart to start Instant Christ App.

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The app welcomes all Christians as well as others from different faiths who would like to hook up or pray together in a secure spiritual environment. This app will make it possible for Christians to connect with their fellow believers who are spiritually certain or those who are in a spiritual emergency.

This app not only lets its users connect with believers all around the world but also has some unique features including:

• Pastors and ministers can easily upload videos of sermons and other Bible study videos.
• Pastors will be able to publicize for free, and to sermonize a monthly message for the public
• Users can find a local church using InstantChrist’s church finder function.

Instant Christ is an out-and-out social media platform that will bring like-minded Christians closer worldwide. This app is similar to the usually known social media applications, however it is said to be more advanced as it would not allow secular distractions.

The founders of the App claim that Instant Christ would be appealing those who have doubts and questions about Christian faith. As the app lets the users connect with other Christians, doubtful users will be able to grasp information from others and share their queries with them as well.