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Interfaith consonance : Lahore’ Cathedral of Praying Hands hosts “Rawadari Iftar Dinner”


An iftar dinner was held at Lahore’ Cathedral of Praying Hands Church which was organized by the Rawadari Tehreek. This dinner was organized in order to endorse mutual respect and inter religious peace.

Iftar dinner held at Lahore' Cathedral of Praying Hands

Prominent Muslims were invited at this iftar dinner who broke their fasts and offered Maghrib prayers within the church premises. Rawadari Tehreek had invited Christians, Hindus and Sikhs who joined in and partook in the iftar dinner. At this occasion, great emphasis was laid on the need to uphold interfaith harmony among religious communities residing in the country.

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At this occasion other prominent Christian leaders and members of the Rawadari Tehreek including Rt. Rev. Bishop Samuel Azraiah, MPA Mary James Gill, MPA Shunila Ruth, Pir Shafqat Rasool, Pandit Bhagat Lal Khokhar, Hamza Ameer, Kamran Chaudhry, Abdullah Malik, Malkani Ameer, Salman Abid, Muhammad Asif Nadeem, Umair Ahmad, Riffat Saud, Imran Yusuf, Sajid Christopher, Amar Nath Randhawa, Aroon Kumar Kundnani and all others were present.

Samson Salamat from Rawadari Tehreek expressed gratefulness and pleasure after the successful organization of the event. He thanked Rev. Emanuel Sardar Khokhar- Presbyter In charge at Central Cathedral of Praying Hands, D.S Lahore. He also thanked Sheikh Iftikhar Rasul, Naseer Ahmed, Zameer Afaqi, Samuel Payara, Sadia Sohail MPA, Rizwan Zaka Gill, Humera Khan, Asmat Sabira, Khamis Chaudhary, Naveed Raphael, Nixon Joseph, Adoo Ram, Wajahat Batool, Younas Sain.