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Interfaith Harmony Convention 2015


interfaith harmony

The interfaith peace convention 2015 was held in Karachi. While addressing the convention, Kailash Sarhadi pressed on the importance of representing ourself as humans first and then calling ourself Christians, Hindus or Muslims.

The convention was organised by Interfaith Commission of Peace and Harmony (ICPH). The concept behind it was bringing all religious representatives under one umbrella. ICPH founder Allama Ahsan Siddiqui, said “We want to eliminate the differences of inter- and intra-religious disputes through education and dialogue.” Pakistan Ulema Council stated their opinion that a peace-loving society can be promoted if the concept of equality is nurtured by everyone. They also said that, “The only difference is of identity,” he said. “Nothing is more important than humanity. Humans need to respect humans.”

St Patrick’s Cathedral Archbishop Joseph Coutts, peace can not be instilled in us by holding seminars and sharing lectures on the issue. Practicality and creativeness should be a part of the domains we function in. the religious war which is eating up our society needs to be stopped. This can only happen is we stand up against this war and educate and empower our self.

The chief guest for the convention, Danish ambassador to Pakistan Jesper Moller Sorenson, appreciated the initiative to promote religious peace and harmony and added his opinion by saying that every major religion teaches love, respect and care for every one.