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International Cooperation Needed To Stop Violence In Middle East Says Vatican


Middle East Crisis

The Holy See renew has repeated its call for international cooperation to stop the conflicts in the Middle East and help tend tens of thousands refugees from Iraq and the Syrian war.

Archbishop Bernardito, in a speech to the United Nations Security Council during an open debate said. “The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian, question a “dramatic humanitarian situation” in Syria is “particularly preoccupying.”

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“We should not continue to look helplessly from the sidelines while a great country is being destroyed,” he added while, urging for a insisting for devotions by all to pull off a political solution to end the conflict.

“Lebanon and Jordan, which host millions of refugees,” he added, “bear the brunt of the Syrian conflict and urgently need the world’s solidarity.” He labelled the Islamic State group seizing large swaths of the region as a “terrorist plague” that must be thwarted with the unified cooperation of the entire international community.

At this occasion he said that the Holy See hopes that the institutional vacuity of Lebanon’s Presidency, held by a Christian but vacant for more than a year will soon be packed.

He restated the Holy See’s distress for the region’s minority communities, predominantly the Christians, who are being forced from their homes. Moreover, while talking about the Comprehensive Agreement signed by the Holy See and the State of Palestine in June, Archbishop Auza said,”It is hoped that the Agreement will stimulate the “achievement of a two State solution, bringing a definitive end to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”