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International Education Week Celebrated In Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: International Education Week celebrated accompanied by a stumpy 46 percent of overall literacy rate.


International Education Week
International Education Week


Judith Ravin, Deputy Cultural Attaché of the US Embassy in Islamabad said, “The benefit of students being involved in extracurricular activities is that they learn about team work, time management and prioritizing things in their life which groom their personality to become a better human being.”
Ravin expressed herself while addressing a ceremony organized by USEFP; celebrating International Education Week in Pakistan. In her address she said that American educational campuses catch the fancy of hundreds of international students all around the world while miscellany in education promotes mutual respect and tolerance which are incredible requisites for an improved society.

Executive Director USEFP- Rita Akhtar, in a noteworthy message, stated that USEFP held a week-long series of activities across Pakistan to commemorate International Education Week; a chance to endorse and celebrate the benefits of international education and cultural exchange explicitly celebrated in over 100 countries.

She revealed that: in the 2012-2013 academic year, Pakistani students studying in the United States increased by 3.7 percent to 4,772, making it the country with the third largest population of students enrolled in the United States; added “USEFP, a bi-national commission established in 1950 by the governments of Pakistan and the United States, is one of the most active ‘Fulbright Commissions’ located throughout the world.” She held the view that Pakistani students who study in the United States are well-matched for the tests and prospects in all fields with global economy as the focal point. “Studying abroad also strengthens ties and fosters friendship among students from different countries,” she affirmed.


Whereas, while reflecting on the recently-held USEFP Sports Day in Islamabad, she said,” The sprit behind it is to promote good sportsmanship, leadership and team work as well as to highlight the place of sports in U.S. education and sports-related scholarship opportunities.” She said that almost 200 students from ten schools participated in football, basketball, table tennis, and badminton. Moreover, USEFP hosted a high school poster painting competition in Lahore at Forman Christian College University on “The Importance of Education.”


The International Education Week activities included networking sessions for counsellors and high achievers in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Whereas, school principals and administrators documented, around 150 O-level students from 18 schools in these cities. These sessions provided a platform for counsellors and school representatives an opportunity to talk about studying abroad programs.