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Intolerance procreating in the society says Khalid Shahzad from Minority and Human Rights Commission


Pakistani Christian rights activist Khalid Shahzad who hails from Minority and Human Rights Commission says intolerance is proliferating in our society. He said that no body enjoys the right to snatch anybody’ life in any consequences. He laid emphasis on the fact that it is an inevitable duty of the State to maintain human rights for women as well.

Minority and Human Rights Commission

Khalid Shahzad was of the opinion that the fact that the perpetrators of the Model Town incident are still unpunished is a big question mark on the performance of the Police and administration. He heaped condemnation upon the reluctance of the administration in taking action against the police rampage in Model Town about two years ago. In a violent incident the police had run riot at PAT hub in Model Town, Lahore.

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“Terrorists did not only gunned down Amjad Sabri but also mowed down peace,” he asserted as he aired condolences over the tragic loss of the renowned qawali singer. Amjad Sabri was great asset of the country, his assassination is a bitter event which left the nation mourning. “He was a proponent of peace, who promoted the idea of tolerance through his qawalis,” he said. He urged the Government of Sindh to hook his assassins as soon as possible.

In the face of rising trend of honor killings in the country, he said in a short period of last two months more than 20 young girls and women have perished owing to the bane of so called “honor” killings. While remaking about an upsurge in rights violations against women in the country, he said: “It is our responsibility to ensure rights to our women.” Considering women inferior to men is tendency of times gone by.

Parents annihilate their own children, what’s the difference between such people and terrorists, he asked. Owing to the fact that murderers who kill in the name of honor often times go unpunished, others are stimulated to follow their low-down trial.

“None of the religion forbids its adherents from choosing a life partner of their will,” he said. Although the Punjab Government has chalked out a Women Protection Bill, yet, it has failed to get it implemented in the province. If women are not be safeguarded, then this bill should be quashed, he said.