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Iran: 25 Christians arrested during a raid by authorities


The Iranian authorities have hooked at least 25 Christians during raid in the southern city of Kerman. The recent arrests were confirmed by the National Council of Resistance in Iran, Iranian human rights. Reports are that over two dozens of Christians from their homes while their belongings were confiscated.

Christian persecution in Iran

As of now, the authorities and the security officials have not made know any reason of the arrests made. Moreover, the location of the detainees has not yet been disclosed by the authorities. There are reports that despite the beefed up hostility towards Christians, Christianity continues to spread in the densely Islamic country.

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According to an estimate there are about 450,000 to 1 million Christians living in Iran. The figure was confirmed by a local in association with the Iranian house church movement. Yet the hostility reaches to extreme levels as the Christians are forced to worship in secret, raids on Christians’ houses, arrests of church leaders and Christians is very common.

Moreover, whenever the religious police gets a tip off of any Christians’ gathering in secret they conduct raids arrests Christians and confiscate and destroy Bibles and other Christian literature. Previously, in August, authorities had raided a house church in Isfahan and arrested 11 Christians. The agents also confiscated Christian literature which was found in the house.