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IRAN: A Christian Convert Tortured By Unknown Men Over Online Gospel Preaching


An Iranian Christian convert shares his story of persecution revealing how hards it is for Christians in Iran to keep up to their Christian faith. 

An Iranian Christian beaten by unknown men
An Iranian Christian beaten by unknown men

In an email he wrote:

Dear Madam/Sir

My name is Amirreza, an Iranian Christian. I’ve converted to Christianity from Islam 2.5 years ago. In 2014, I decided to establish a web blog to spread holy bible and message of our Jesus Christ. My web blog had been visited by over 30000 visitors in two months. My web blog just spoke about Christianity and had no political sights. In September I was abducted by Basij militias in street. I was detained in an unknown place for few hours, they tortured me and asked me to change my web blog.

They asked me to change my web blog to an Islamic web blog. Then they released me. I’ve chosen to live in secret and kept my web blog. After several days my web blog was blocked by Iranian police. Please write my story; in Iran we keep our faith despite heavy pressure.
I attach two pictures with this email.
Best regards,