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Iran: A woman soon to be stoned to death while the world was celebrating UN Human Rights Day


Iranian woman stoned to death

A woman in Iran soon to be stoned to death in Iran while the world just celebrated the UN Human Rights Day on Thursday December 10.

While the execution spree continues in Iran, a latest episode was recorded with the publication that a woman has been sentenced to death by stoning. This brutal sentence was awarded to this woman by a criminal court in Rasht, which is the capita; city of the northern province of Gilan in Iran.

Death sentence by stoning a person is in fact a very ghastly procedure. The person who is to be stoned to death is first of all buried up to their shoulders in sand or soil etc. After being buried till shoulders, the person becomes stuck so that movement is not possible. People gathered all around start pelting stones at the person until death.

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The news of this woman awarded by this gruesome penalty was first reported by a Persian-language Iranian website LAHIG. The website mentioned the woman’s identity as the initials “A.Kh.2 Moreover, LAHIG reported that this woman was found guilty of being involved in her husband’s murder.

After the news of this penalty was aired, Maryam Nayeb Yazdi – a high up Canadian-Iranian human rights activist told the media that “The rate of executions in Iran has not decreased in the last few years, it has increased.”

“Although stoning has become rarer in Iran, such sentences are still being issued by Iranian judges. The probability of a stoning sentence to be carried out is slim due to the international sensitivity of the issue; there is a great chance her sentence may be ‘converted’ to death by hanging.”

“We need to note that an official Iranian website released the stoning sentence news, and we should question the regime’s motives for doing so,” Nayeb Yazdi noted. “The stoning sentence is an indication of the Iranian regime’s continued war against women in Iran. Arbitrary executions in Iran must be on top of the agenda in any dialogue between Iran and the West.”